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Powered by the best data, technology, and people, our identity verification solutions help businesses identify customers, detect risk, and monitor transactions for a frictionless digital customer experience, whilst continuing to grow at pace.

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With greater regulatory focus on the gaming industry, it was important Buddybet strengthened their compliance processes in relation to PEP and sanctions screening.

Partnering with GBG to implement Global Watchlist Screening of PEP and Sanctions lists helps them stay compliant.

State of Digital Identity 2023 - GBG Research Report

Digital acceleration, tomorrow’s threats, and a blueprint for the next normal

We deliver certainty by removing risk at every stage of the customer journey

Identify. Validate. Monitor. Accelerate.

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Bring in more customers simply

Find and verify more customers quickly and compliantly against comprehensive, independent and reliable data. Streamline verifications with proven identity workflows and deliver high match rates in seconds.


Onboard with accuracy and speed

Detect anomalies and risks before they impact your business. Get alerts derived from millions of cross-industry identity transactions and advanced analytics to detect fraud at onboarding. Deter bad actors, while creating frictionless and easy capture of identification and documents for good customers.

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Safeguard against risk compliantly

Protect your business with ongoing compliant monitoring. Identify anomalies fast with real time alerts, built from integrated data sources to improve monitoring, while configurable rules and matching reduce manual intervention.


Grow your business at pace

Draw on accurate and insightful data to deliver informed business decisions, improve cost efficiencies, and accelerate business growth. Use current and reliable data for holistic fraud, compliance and risk management.

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GBG gives you the flexibility to build an identity verification and AML solution that meets your needs. Scalable for any business size, our solutions reduce the risk of fraud impacting your business and ensure you stay compliant with evolving AML and KYC regulations – all while delivering the frictionless customer experience you need to accelerate growth.

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As part of the GBG family, greenID is powered by the best data, the best technology, and the best people to balance the growing need for a frictionless digital customer experience with the business need for security and compliance in a world of increasing fraud and financial crime.