The Power of One Platform

greenID is Australia’s largest identity verification platform, offering a complete solution to convert genuine customers seamlessly.


Over 25 million verifications per year

Big banks, small banks, government agencies, corporate and many more, all trust greenID to handle their customers with care.

Our clients choose greenID for 4 key reasons

Higher Conversion

  • Unique comprehensive data sources for the highest verification rates
  • Seamless onboarding experience to maximise conversion rates

Trusted Partner

  • Always on, no downtime, just like the digital world
  • Onshore data residency to reduce the exposure of your data and manage privacy obligations
  • High safety and security standards to protect your business and your customers

Reduced Costs

  • Manage ID verification in one place with one partner to reduce technical delivery costs
  • High verification rates, less manual reviews, more operational savings

Ease of Implementation

  • Configurable to whatever level of sophistication your business needs
  • Fast access to standard workflows with minimal technical effort
  • Flexible integration options




Our Big Data Advantage

The speed and scale of data access is critical to both a seamless experience and accurate verification.

Our exclusive partnerships with leading data providers ensure a faster onboarding experience for customers, and a more meaningful uplift in conversion for clients – all from the convenience of a single platform.

Our Technology Advantage

When GBG began 30 years ago, it was with a focus on innovation. Now that we’re the market leader, that pursuit continues with an ongoing focus on new technologies and processes that improve both customer experiences and client outcomes.

Better Biometrics with Passive Liveness

Research shows that 28% of consumers have abandoned signing up for a new account in the last 12 months because it took too long.

Our unique biometrics solutions featuring ‘passive liveness’ are preferred by customers, meaning they’re loved by clients.

Modern Infrastructure for Ultimate Reliability

The digital world never sleeps, so greater data access and a leading customer experience are only relevant as long as they’re accessible 24/7.

Over the last 12 months, greenID enjoyed 100% uptime, because we are cloud native, have no legacy technology and most importantly own and manage our own data and platform.

Built-in Fraud Protection and More, via GBG Exclusives

As part of the global GBG family, greenID benefits from access to leading integrations and extensions, including fraud prevention and international identity verification solutions.

Our expert teams are able to coordinate a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Explore greenID Verification Solutions by Industry

From Gaming to Government to Crypto, greenID is the leading choice for identity verification. Select your industry below to find out more about how we can help you manage your risk and compliance obligations, prevent fraud, and safely grow your bottom line.







We are a trusted RegTech solution

Member of Regtech

Regtech Founding Member

We are one of the founding members of an organisations committed to accelerating the adoption of RegTech in Australia.

Certified to ISO 27001 in Australia by SAI Global

Top-tier international certification for Information Security

Breakthrough Passive Liveness Detection Technology

Imperceptible and performs 10X faster than active liveness detection

Compliant to industry-leading iBeta ISO 30107-3 Standard

Attained 100% full score for iBeta’s Penetration Attack Detection (PAD) level 1 and 2. Successfully detected all spoof and authentic cases.


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