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Give your business the GBG advantage. Working with the best data, technology and people, we empower businesses to balance the growing need for a frictionless customer experience with the increasing threat of fraud and financial crime. Explore the powerful technology behind our solutions and see how we turn it into safe and simple experiences that customers love.

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Keeping ahead of fraudsters and staying compliant requires a special partner – one who unlocks the potential of data, people, and technology to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in identity verification and fraud detection. That’s the GBG Advantage.

At GBG, we have the most comprehensive global data coverage, unique data sources and the highest identity verification rates in Australia. Leverage our 20 years’ experience in identity verification, which feeds into the success of our AI and machine learning algorithms. Our technology uses the world-leading NIST tested Facial Matching capability to ensure accurate results with no gender or demographic bias. Give your business the advantage of the only single-frame passive facial liveness solution to pass ISO/IEC 30107-3, with a perfect score in detecting all spoofs and correctly identifying all real users. And see how our compliance platform helps you meet anti-money laundering regulations, minimise fraud and fight financial crime in a single platform.