Unmatched identity data coverage for faster onboarding

Accelerate customer onboarding with GBG’s unmatched global data coverage and the highest identity verification rates in Australia.

Supercharge customer onboarding

Deliver quicker, safer customer onboarding with our unmatched global data coverage. Eliminate friction and frustration in the onboarding process with higher verification match rates, meaning faster customer onboarding with lower conversion costs. So you can onboard more trusted customers and propel business growth.

Unrivalled data coverage for best-in-class compliance

Verify customers against the industry’s most extensive set of data sources. Achieve industry-leading match rates with access to Australia and New Zealand’s most comprehensive data coverage, including the illion segmented credit header, Experian credit header, tenancy, super & payroll, Australia Death Check, and more. Combine our comprehensive portfolio of global and local data sources or use them individually to meet your needs.

Vast global and local data sources

Verify customer details against our comprehensive network of global and local data partners, including credit bureaus, government agencies, commercial and proprietary databases.

Higher match rates

10% uplift in identity verification match rates seen by GBG customers using credit header data from illion and Experian.*

Fast set up and easily configurable

Get up and running in an instant to boost verification rates while minimising the impact on your existing customer journey.
*Credit header data is only available to AML obligated reporting entities. Identity verification rates depend on the rule set, quality of data and type of customer.

Benefits & Features

Onboard genuine customers first time

Verify your customers instantly and accurately with GBG’s comprehensive and reliable data coverage. Specify whether customer data needs to be verified against a single source or at least two unique sources.

Verify more customers without compromising on compliance

Convert customers with limited identity information including younger demographics, new to country individuals, and those without an extensive credit history.

Fast and seamless set-up

Discover the fastest route to bring more trusted customers to your business. Our team will work with you to activate the data sources for your onboarding process, minimising the impact to your existing customer journey.

Save costs, propel growth

Save time and hassle while benefiting from higher match rates. Our intelligent matching algorithm helps you maximise verification rates while minimising transaction costs.

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