Verify trusted customers in seconds using a single image

Harness passive liveness technology to quickly and easily authenticate your customers with a single photo and reduce the risk of identity fraud, without disrupting the onboarding experience.

Detect fraudsters fast

Trust that you’ve established a genuine presence of the customer with face match and liveness detection in one rapid check. Passive liveness detection adds an extra layer of protection on top of facial matching to ensure the individual on the document is the same person onboarding.

Verify customers in seconds using a single image

Passive liveness detection only requires a single selfie for verification, making it much faster and easier than active liveness, which requires customers to take several photos from different angles or a video. Passive liveness technology identifies and extracts key facial biometric landmarks to match the selfie against the photo on the ID document.

Technology made for fast and easy onboarding

With single-step liveness and face match verification, customers simply upload a single photo to match against their ID document without the need for additional gestures or videos.

Best performing technology to detect fraud fast

Give your business the advantage of the only single-frame passive facial liveness solution to pass ISO/IEC 30107-3, with a perfect score in detecting all spoofs and correctly identifying all real users, and a top performing solution in the Facebook Deepfake Detection Challenge.

Global expertise that you can count on every time

Leverage our 20 years’ experience in identity verification which feeds into the success of our AI and machine learning algorithms.

Benefits & Features

Faster detection

Passive liveness detection performs at least 10X faster and is more effective than active liveness detection.

Seamless technology for faster onboarding

Passive liveness detection works seamlessly with facial matching in a single step, with no need for additional user gestures, video upload, special hardware, or software downloads.

Verification in a single step

Artificial Intelligence performs passive liveness checks in the background for quicker verification in a single step that’s imperceptible to both users and fraudsters.

Secure and privacy-compliant verification

Our system is compliant and accredited to iBeta Level 2 (ISO/IEC 30107-3), FedRAMP, ISO 27001, SOC2 and GDPR for complete peace of mind.

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