Biometric Verification

Verify true identity via a single selfie

Provide a seamless customer experience and prevent fraud in just seconds, with AI-powered facial verification combined with greenID’s unique liveness detection.

Facial verification is a snap with greenID. Your customer’s facial biometric data from their selfie image is compared against the ID photograph they have presented to determine if it is a match in just seconds.

In addition, greenID performs a ‘passive liveness’ check in the background. Our unique passive liveness detection technology is capable of detecting whether or not the selfie image being captured is a real person taking the selfie in real time, or a fraudster trying to fake a selfie using an existing photograph or video. Because the liveness detection happens in the background during the selfie capture, it avoids the need for your customers to perform additional gestures or endure a video capture process. The result is a swift and truly frictionless customer onboarding experience, helping to enhance the rate of successful onboarding.

Biometric verification not only helps to enhance remote identity verification process, it also acts as a fraud deterrent by ensuring the individual submitting the application is the same person identified on the presented document.

Perform face match and liveness check using the same image eliminating requirement for additional user actions or gestures.

Biometric algorithms recognise natural changes, such as facial hair, skin, hairstyle, makeup and slight ageing.

Achieved through combination of unique deep neural network machine learning and calibrated real-world data analytics.