Cutting verification from three days to three minutes

About OrbitRemit

OrbitRemit is a fintech company that works to make moving money across borders both cheap and easy. They specialise in supporting people living in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to send money back home to 25 countries around the world. OrbitRemit has been in the business of moving money since 2008 and has developed a reputable name in the industry for safe, fast and efficient money transfer.

“Using the ID verification technology greenID™ from GBG, our business has upscaled and our clients enjoy an automated onboarding experience.”

Robbie Sampson, General Manager, OrbitRemit

The Challenge

As an aggressive, fast growing International money transfer, OrbitRemit prides itself in providing seamless and cost effective processes for transferring money between countries.


And while they offered a fast, hassle-free online portal, complying with Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation and “Know Your customer” due diligence it meant physical ID documents had to be manually checked for authenticity.


The process was time-consuming and not scalable for business growth.

The Solution

Our greenID™ solution was integrated into the OrbitRemit onboarding process so customers could electronically submit their identity information and other documents for verification.


Since implementation, customers are now able to transfer money within minutes of having their identity verified, increasing customer satisfaction and business growth.


Most importantly, staff can now focus on providing customer service, not spending excess time checking ID verification.