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Secure verification service for loans and deposits marketplace


    Lodex is Australia’s first loans and deposits auction-style marketplace. Through technology-driven solutions, Lodex delivers members a simple, secure, fast and obligation free online experience when looking for loan and deposit products. By harnessing the power of unique data in a competitive marketplace, Lodex members are empowered to receive great rates for the range of loan and deposit products they’re interested in – all from the convenience of their mobile phone or laptop.

    Lodex puts the consumer back in the driver’s seat and lets lenders and brokers fight for their business.


    As security is paramount to Lodex they needed a global leader in online ID Verification services and a trusted partner in the finance and banking industry. With greenID™ you can verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against independent and reliable data sources, online and in real-time. This tool provides the user with a fast and great user experience, as they can be verified within seconds.


    Fast, secure and free. greenID™ was one of the first organisations to provide online real-time verification services helping both consumers and organisations optimise the onboarding process for any kind of service that requires user verification. Online verification significantly enables banks and lenders to fast forward traditional ID verification procedures, securely, using Government databases to verify consumers.


    Lodex helps customers auction their loan and deposit needs on the Lodex Marketplace, By building a verified profile, in the one secure destination, members can easily make a rate request for any loan or deposit, and lenders and brokers can bid for their business. This verification is a significant step in maintaining a secure and high-quality service for the participating financial services providers. The Lodex member is verified against one of the following provided IDs: Drivers Licence, Medicare card or Passport. greenID uses a number of sources including government databases to verify that these details are accurate. With over 13,000 members, many people have been securely verified on the Lodex platform.


    ID verification and secure online processes are critical when providing a secure and fast service to both consumers and financial services providers. Lodex is continuously optimising its customer, lender and broker experience online ensuring the highest quality of services. Through verified data and efficient processes, Lodex can deliver improved solutions.

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    “With the greenID™ electronic verification platform, you can verify identities against reliable, trustworthy, government and independent data sources in real-time. greenID makes this possible by securely capturing relevant customer details through a range of online forms, document upload and manual data entry. The customer’s details are thoroughly checked against government and non-government databases to ensure personal data is valid and not known for fraudulent behaviour. At Lodex, we respect the time of our members/users as well as financial services providers providing high-quality services. Security, accuracy and customer experience are key to the Lodex experience.”

    Bill Kalpouzanis, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Lodex