Contact Validation

Accelerate address, phone and email validation

greenID’s Contact Validation solution offers a tailored address, phone and email address validation for websites and platforms. The cloud-based solution validates customer contact data by cross checking them against multiple sources, to ensure it is accurate, standardised and consistent across the customer onboarding process.


reduction in address entry time


countries and territories with accurate address date

A single solution for solving the problem of bad contact data

Validation for global addresses within 8-10 keystrokes

Easy integration with websites and mobile applications, simple setup with simple JavaScripts to bind into screens and portals

Reliable with 99.95% uptime hosted by Amazon Web Services

Charged on a per-transaction basis – so you only pay for what you use

Regular updates of address data from the following Sources of Truth (SOTs):

Australia Post’s Postal Address File (PAF)
New Zealand Post’s NZAD and GEOPAF