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Cryptocurrency is being subjected to increased regulation

Over the last five years, governments around the world have continued their efforts to regulate the crypto market. As a result, crypto providers are now regulated under the Australian AML/CTF Act. Cryptocurrency business’ in non-regulated countries are also seeing this as a time to pre-emptively implement identity verification processes before regulation is imposed.

Many cryptocurrency exchange platforms now have strict rules concerning account verification, with customers having to verify their accounts before they can begin to trade.

Ensure your business is AML/KYC compliant and stay on the path to success

greenID will help you remain compliant as the cryptocurrency industry becomes more regulated, and more widespread.

Our platform will help ensure you are only onboarding legitimate customers, and in turn minimising the risk of any legal problems associated with money laundering.

The greenID platform can be easily integrated into your own onboarding process, thereby helping you meet growing demand and improving the customer experience on your exchange platform.

To discuss the verification requirements for your cryptocurrency business, contact us today.

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