Your guide to completing the DVS Declaration to continue accessing Australian Electoral roll data


The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is mandating a change to the way they supply Commonwealth electoral roll data for ID verifications.

From 30 November 2022, Commonwealth electoral roll verifications will only be possible via DVS.

To continue using Commonwealth electoral roll data, you must sign a declaration form with DVS confirming you are an AML/CTF obligated reporting entity. GBG will be managing this process on behalf of DVS.

To allow DVS to review and confirm your AML obligation, you must return the declaration to GBG as soon as possible but no later than 31 October 2022.

You can access the DVS declaration here and new terms here.

Tips for completing the DVS declaration
  • Complete ALL sections, don’t leave any blank
  • Provide a brief but specific reason for why you need to access AEC data
    Example: “We are an AML/CTF obligated entity in the financial services sector. We provide financial loans including home loans. Our ASFL no is 123456789”.


For more information about these changes visit our FAQ page here