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Sep 12, 2016

DVS Gender Check on Passport no longer required

Gender on DVS Passport checks are no longer required. 
Great news! DVS has advised that the gender field is no longer required to perform the electronic identity check for Passports.
The change will go into production on the evening of 23rd of March for D&BgreenID customers.

Iframe, SimpleUI and Admin panel only Customers
For customers who use our user interface screens, through use of the iframe, simpleUI or back office tool, these screens will be updated automatically to remove the gender field.

Dynamic Forms (DF) API Customers
For DF API customers, there are a few options that we can provide.

Please contact if you have any questions about this update

Going live on 23rd of March 
As mentioned, we have currently planned this release on the evening of 23rd of March for all customers using the DVS.
Requests received after the 21st of March will be included in the following release currently planned for 7th of April.
We are here to help you with this update so please do not hesitate to contact support at: if you have any questions about this update.