Facial Verification

Protect against stolen identities

greenID’s proprietary facial verification technology with Passive Liveness provides instant validation between a printed document (for example, a passport photo) and a live image captured via the user’s smartphone, tablet, or webcam.

Customer experience friendly protection against impersonation

Extracts and analyses a set of facial biometric data using Passive Liveness, negating the need for customers to perform additional gestures or activate their video to determine liveness

Each extraction is compared to produce a reliable judgement of how similar the face in the ID document is to the one in the live image captured by a smart device

Reliable results are achieved through a combination of unique deep neural network machine learning and calibrated real-world data analytics

Algorithm recognises natural changes between the ID image and the selfie, including changes in:

Hair style
Facial hair
Make up
Skin imperfections
Small age gaps
Small changes in head pose.