Financial Services

Experience true verification uplift, rapidly

Compliant, secure, configurable verification allows you to control onboarding to suit your compliance needs, easily configured with the convenience of a single platform

Maintain KYC, AML, and CTF compliance whilst using the latest in biometric technology to improve your customer onboarding experience

greenID utilises several exclusive data sources to provide the most reliable, accurate verification service on the market. You are able to configure our single platform to check one or multiple data sources in order to satisfy your business rules, as well as support different risk profiles and compliance requirements.

Privacy and security are designed into the process regardless of the platform configuration or channels utilised (mobile, web, call centre or face-to-face), and our platform is in use across a diverse range of financial services organisations: Retail Banking (term deposits, investment loans, credit facilities, mortgages), Share Trading, Superannuation and Investments, Finance Companies, Property Services and Property Conveyancing, Lending Services, Insurance Companies

We are currently Australia’s largest provider of identity verification services, performing over 2 million verifications per month.


Remove friction from the loan application process by onboarding customers with biometric verification and frictionless form pre-fill using OCR. Ensure KYC and AML compliance in real-time.


Deliver enhanced account security, prevent identity theft and improve member experience with biometric verification. Use greenID to prevent account takeover and achieve regulatory compliance with high level of digital assurance.


Enable seamless and highly accurate identity verification for diverse consumer cohorts by screening against a large number of independent data sources. Protect consumers from fraud risk while providing a better overall customer experience.

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