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GBG Alert

In the digital economy, a few seconds of delay in detecting a fraud attack can lead to significant financial losses and cause irreparable damage to your brand reputation and customer retention efforts. 

GBG has designed and developed an early fraud detection solution, GBG Alert, which is derived from millions of identity verifications to help in the early detection of identity crime. GBG Alert detects fraud at onboarding so organisations can apply a step-up identity process or reject an application altogether.

GBG processes a large majority of identity verifications in Australia with complete coverage of sectors that are early indicators of identity fraud, including banking, wagering and telecommunications. By leveraging this unique cross-industry data, GBG can accurately detect identity theft in fraud and money laundering, preventing bad actors from entering your business.

Highly predictive and accurate fraud alerts

High level of fraud detection with low false-positive rate

up to


accuracy in detecting identity theft, money muling and other fraud events.

up to


of true-positive alerts had not been picked up by any other detection system.

up to


of all identity-related crime has been picked up by GBG Alert. 

Detect fraud and suspicious behaviour in real-time

Drawn from millions of identity onboarding events – with a machine learning model and expert rules built in Australia for an ANZ market, GBG Alert is highly predictive, identifying fraud early.

Suspicious activity
Alert ID

Alerts generated by detecting fraudulent patterns of use from identity information.

Every suspicious identity verification is tagged with explainable rule code.

Choose to activate and deactivate specific rules for full automation or manual review.

Leading organisations trust GBG’s identity verification platform to secure their customer accounts

GBG Advantage

Data privacy and security are critical

Data is derived from GBG onboarding events | GBG Alert stores no PII data | All data is securely de-identified using a one-way hashing process | Fraud alerts are processed in a separate environment

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