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Using integrated processes for mobiles, customers can onboard on the go for a smoother experience

As customers’ reliance on mobile devices increases, the greenID™ Mobile Toolkit (SDK) allows a high-quality identity verification process incorporating biometric verification, OCR and document authentication to be embedded into your mobile applications.

For customers, this provides a less intrusive and highly responsive application process, while behind the scenes, your verification process adheres to the same reliable greenID™ rules.

Choose the mobile system to suit you

With greenID™ Mobile, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you use components of the mobile platform.

A typical verification session follows this flow:

  • Your application decides when customers need to verify their identity and initialises the greenID™ Mobile SDK.
  • Customers choose their preferred identity documents.
  • Customers are instructed on how to capture images of their identity document.
  • Images are then checked for quality, a document authentication check is completed, and data automatically extracted (via OCR).
  • Customers are guided through the process of taking a selfie for facial comparison to their identity document.
  • Using facial recognition software the two photos are compared to determine whether the person in each picture is the same.
  • Data extracted from the ID document is presented back to the customer so they can check it and correct it if necessary.
  • Finally, greenID™ verifies the identity and returns the verification status to the SDK.

Once the verification process is complete, greenID™ Mobile seamlessly takes customers back to the next step in their process.
GreenID Mobile Onboarding