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With online identity verification, it costs you less to acquire customers and keep them happier

To maximise your business’ chances of creating accounts, its important customers aren’t unnecessarily impeded during the sign-up process. The goal of greenID™ is to easily, quickly and accurately verify an individual’s identity and to maximize electronic verifications.

With greenID™, you can verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against independent and reliable data sources, online in real time.

Tailor what, when and where data is captured

To further enhance your customers’ experience, greenID™ helps you:

  • Save time for customers only capturing fields that are needed
  • Set stringency levels, nominating how much intelligent matching is allowed
  • Find more matches by allowing customers to refine data
  • Choose whether data matching can be achieved using manual processing.

Choose the right approach for your customers

Depending on your customers and the data needed for verification, greenID™ offers a range of options. From online identity verification only through to face-to-face, we work with you to ensure the ruleset best suits your requirements. Your options include:

Verification of Identity

  • Background processing – Real-time checking from various ID sources to match customers’ exact name, address & DoB data.
  • Interactive sessions – Customers can add additional information online such as a document identifier to achieve a match and control the data sources they want to verify against.
  • Document Upload – Customers can upload scanned copies of paper identification documents which are reviewed by your staff. 
  • Face-To-Face – Allows the customer to download a pre-filled form and present in person to have their documents sighted and recorded (if available).

To discuss how greenID™ can help your business, get in touch here.