Identity Verification

Smarter, simpler identity verification

The greenID platform offers true multichannel, customer-focused onboarding to drive higher conversion rates – underpinned by the safety of Australia’s largest data sets.

Speed and accuracy, together in one place. greenID can verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against the industry’s largest set of data sources – all from a single connection.

But compliance is just the beginning. Greater speed and 100% uptime means a better experience for your customers – which equals a better uplift for you.

Tailor the implementation to suit your requirements, based on both your customers’ preferences and the data needed for compliant verification. Unlike smaller providers, greenID offers true multichannel integrations which allow both digital and face-to-face verification from the one solution, all based on custom rulesets to suit your organisation.

Configurable verification rules to balance maximising match rates and maintaining compliance.

Compliant, trusted and configurable for KYC data collection and verification.

Global coverage from a wide range of trusted data sources across multiple geographies.

Continuous data management to maintain our leading reliability, accuracy and coverage metrics.

Configurable by use-case to your required level of assurance – and your own and customers’ preferences.

Proven mature product with 500+ enterprise clients and over 25 million verifications processed annually.