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Get ahead of fraud and compliance challenges in your industry with GBG. From financial services and cryptocurrency to education and real estate, GBG can help you stay ahead of the game. We draw on our deep industry knowledge and experience in Australia and globally to identify the best solutions to meet your unique fraud, identity verification and compliance needs. Learn more about how our solutions solve challenges for your industry.




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Every sector faces a growing risk of fraud, but the fraud type and risk level vary from industry to industry. Added to this, each sector has its own ever-evolving AML and KYC compliance regulations to meet. At GBG, we help you meet your industry challenges with a broad range of solutions to help protect your business, bring in more customers, and grow your business at pace.

Discover our deep knowledge in financial services, telcos, education, real estate, online gaming and wagering, global remittance, and cryptocurrency. Learn how we work closely with industry to ensure our solutions keep you ahead of rapidly changing threats and comply with regulations.