Simplify student enrolment and combat identity fraud

Know with certainty that your students are who they say they are. Keep impostors out, while making it fast and easy for real students to enrol.

Protect against student identity fraud

Remote learning means you may never meet your students in person, which can open the door to the growing risk of identity crime. Our automated biometric-based identity verification gives you the confidence students are who they say they are, while helping you stop fraudsters at the door.

Streamline student enrolment

Give real students the quick and easy enrolment experience they expect. Digitally verify the legitimacy of identity credentials to avoid the time, expense, and frustration of validating every new student in person.

Issue student passes remotely

Verify students against submitted photos using our biometric solution, which incorporates facial verification and liveness detection. Issue passes remotely with confidence that you are providing identification only to eligible students.

Conduct eligibility checks

Verify the identity and citizenship or residency status of a prospective student to determine whether they are eligible for government grants. With integrated access to the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS), you can quickly and reliably confirm eligibility for government assistance and loans.

Remote proctoring

Prevent bad actors from getting access to online exams. Verify a student’s identity against their secure identity profile, which includes biometrics for maximum security, so you can be certain only genuine students receive the examination link.

The GBG advantage for education

See how GBG can simplify student enrolment, while protecting your institution from fraud.

Defend against fraudsters in seconds with biometric verification

Rapidly determine whether a student is a real human with AI-powered facial verification and greenID’s liveness detection as part of a seamless enrolment experience.

Access to Australia’s most comprehensive data coverage

Achieve industry-leading match rates with access to an unrivalled level of data in one place. Identify even the hardest to verify individuals so you can enrol more real students instantly without the time and hassle of extra manual checks.

A single selfie for reliable checks

Deliver a fast, reliable alternative to in-person verification with our passive liveness detection technology. A single selfie image is all that’s needed for facial biometric and liveness checks. Liveness detection happens in the background during the selfie capture, eliminating the need for students to perform extra gestures or endure a video capture process.

Easy integration with any channel

Seamlessly integrate your identity verification and compliance solutions with API and Web options. Or save on costs and resources with our hosted capability for faster integration.

Speed up enrolment with OCR technology

Automatically extract data from documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to autofill forms, minimising errors, and speeding up form completion, so you can fast-track genuine students through enrolment.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you enrol more genuine students while keeping fraudsters out. With 20+ years as a local market leader, we are the largest non-government DVS user and now process over 2 million identity verifications per month. With our local industry expertise backed by a depth of global experience, you can trust our solutions to help protect your institution from emerging identity fraud, while giving your students the exceptional experience they expect from day one.
Find out more about how you can take secure student enrolment to the next level with our identity verification solutions.