Provide secure financial services with ease

Streamline customer onboarding for account opening, loan applications and a whole range of financial services without compromising on compliance. Our advanced identity verification and fraud management solutions are designed to help financial services meet rapidly evolving KYC/AML challenges and deliver a superior customer experience from the start.

Streamline customer onboarding

Whether opening new accounts or applying for loans, 40% of consumers admit to abandoning a financial service onboarding process. GBG helps you keep customers engaged and increase conversion rates by streamlining customer onboarding, without compromising on compliance. Remove onboarding friction with biometric verification and rapid form pre-fill using OCR, resulting in a smoother customer experience.

Automate AML screening

Screen out bad actors to comply with anti-fraud AML regulations and protect your business and customers. From onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle, our solutions help you monitor suspicious transaction activity and screen customers against sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media watchlists.

Simplify compliance

Achieve KYC and AML compliance and protect your business. Failure to comply can result in expensive penalties, loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation, not to mention financial loss from the crime itself. Our proven fraud and verification solutions for financial services let you configure robust processes and reporting to meet the latest compliance obligations and support different risk profiles.

The GBG advantage for financial services

See why GBG is chosen to provide digital identity verifications across a diverse range of financial services organisations: Retail Banking, Share Trading, Superannuation and Investments, Finance Companies, Property Services and Property Conveyancing, Lending Services, Insurance Companies, and more.

Simplify account opening and loan applications

Create an exceptional customer experience from the first moment and convert more customers. Capture and auto-populate data from government-issued ID documents into online forms to speed up the application process. Verify the validity of ID documents in seconds to prevent customer abandonment.

Access Australia’s most comprehensive data coverage

Achieve the highest identity verification rates in Australia with access to an unrivalled level of data. Identify even the hardest to verify individuals and onboard more customers instantly without the time and hassle of extra manual checks.

Provide a secure platform for money transfers and payments

Provide a more secure digital platform for financial transactions to protect customers and your company, while meeting stringent KYC/AML requirements.

Protect customers from fraud

Safeguard your customers’ accounts from sophisticated fraud attempts with biometric authentication, advanced fraud detection, and transaction monitoring.

Ensure AML/KYC compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with robust, automated screening that works for you. Automatically screen new customers against global risk data sources and monitor customers throughout their lifecycle with your company to meet your business needs and compliance obligations.

Build trust with secure solutions

Our technology is certified to Australian and global standards to ensure the most secure and privacy-compliant solutions. Our identity verification solution is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant and iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 certified.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you onboard more genuine customers while staying compliant with the latest financial services regulations. With 20+ years as a local market leader and leading solutions for a range of financial services, you can trust our expertise. Regardless of your business size, you can tap into our powerful identity verification solutions to keep bad actors out and protect your company, while improving customer conversions.
Find out more about how your company can increase conversions and stay compliant using our identity verification solutions for financial services.