Propel growth with faster, compliant money transfers

Speed up money transfers without opening the door to fraud. Meet customer demands to move money fast while ensuring compliant and cost-effective services.

Faster onboarding

Eliminate the frustration and hassle of manual identity verifications and speed up customer onboarding with GBG’s automated identity verification and anti-fraud solutions. Integrated seamlessly into your business processes, our verification solution saves time and operational costs, so you can onboard trusted customers quickly, increase customer satisfaction, and propel business growth.

Automate KYC checks

Be confident your customers are who they say they are and protect your business from compliance failings. Verify customers against the most reliable global data sources, so you can provide global remittance services with confidence. Configure KYC checks to meet your business and compliance needs, including global watchlist screening, document verification, biometric verification, and more.

AML compliance to meet your needs

Combat the latest financial crimes and fraud threatening the remittance industry. Our AML compliance solutions use powerful analytics to monitor customer transactions, detect suspicious behaviour and deliver fraud alerts to stop money laundering financial crime and terrorist financing in their tracks, while ensuring you meet fast-evolving compliance obligations.

The GBG advantage for global remittance services

See why GBG is chosen by money transfer agencies

Rapid identity verification

Give customers the fast money transfer service they expect with near real-time identity verification. Leverage unique, comprehensive data sets for the highest verification rates and reduce manual checks.

Access Australia’s most comprehensive data coverage

Achieve the highest identity verification rates in Australia with access to an unrivalled level of data. Identify even the hardest to verify individuals and onboard more customers fast without the hassle of extra manual checks.

Detect suspicious behaviour with high accuracy

Monitor transactions for suspicious and unusual behaviour that might indicate money laundering. Identify fraudulent activity with high accuracy and prioritise alerts so you can investigate and act fast.

Screen customers against global watch lists

Screen customers against up-to-date global politically exposed persons (PEP) data, sanctions and adverse media watchlists. Rapidly assess a customer’s potential risk, investigate and react in real-time, while meeting strict AML/CTF regulations.

Build trust with secure solutions

Our technology is certified to Australian and global standards to ensure the most secure and privacy-compliant solutions. Our identity verification solution is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant and iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 certified.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you provide an exceptional customer experience while staying compliant with the latest global remittance regulations. With 20+ years as a local market leader and leading solutions for a range of financial services, including global remittance, you can trust our expertise. Regardless of your business size, you can tap into our powerful identity verification and AML solutions and to keep bad actors out, prevent fraudulent activities and protect your company, while improving customer conversions.
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