Deliver an exceptional player experience from the first click

GBG helps you stay compliant with evolving AML and KYC regulations with a powerful end-to-end identity verification solution. With GBG, sign up more customers securely, while stopping fraudsters and underage players at the door.

Accelerate customer onboarding

The battle for customers starts with onboarding. When players are itching to bet and play, you need to make registration as fast and transparent as possible, so customers don’t drop off before they’ve completed your compliance obligations. With our rapid identity verification and high match rates, you can sign up more customers with the speed and convenience they expect.

Stay compliant

Achieve KYC and AML compliance while delivering a superior digital experience with a comprehensive verification solution. Failure to comply can result in expensive penalties, loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation, not to mention financial loss from fraudsters. Our proven and high performing identity verification solution for online gaming and wagering sites makes it easy to create robust processes and reporting to meet the latest compliance obligations.

Protect your business

Secure your business from bad actors, while moving genuine customers into the fast lane. Verify customers against the most reliable global data sources and onboard more honest players with confidence, while stopping fraudsters and underage players from creating accounts.

The GBG advantage for online gaming and wagering sites

See why GBG is chosen to provide digital identity verifications for all major gaming operators. That’s 3 million ID verifications per annum in gaming, wagering and casinos.

Sign up more players securely with real-time identity verification

Our industry-leading verification rates mean you can onboard more genuine customers the first time, eliminating the need for manual checks and reducing abandonment.

Stop underage customers at the door

Stop minors from creating accounts and accessing content with simple and reliable age verification checks.

Access to Australia’s most comprehensive data coverage

Achieve the best identity verification rates in Australia with access to GBG’s exclusive and comprehensive suite of data sources not available from other providers. Identify even the hardest to verify individuals so you can onboard more customers instantly without the hassle of extra manual checks.

AML screening that works for you

Protect your customer base and your reputation with comprehensive AML screening against global risk data sources. Customise your level of screening to match your business needs and compliance obligations.

Easy integration with any channel

Seamlessly integrate your identity verification with API and web options. Or save costs and resources with our hosted capability for faster integration.

Build customer trust with secure solutions

Our technology is certified to Australian and global standards to ensure the most secure and privacy-compliant solutions. Our identity verification solution is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant and iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 certified.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you onboard more genuine customers while staying compliant with the latest online gaming and wagering regulations. With 20+ years as a local market leader and 3 million ID verifications per annum in gaming, wagering and casinos, you can trust our expertise.

Regardless of your business size, you can tap into our powerful identity verification solutions to keep bad actors out and protect your business, while improving player sign-up rates.
Find out more about how your business can increase conversions and stay compliant using our identity verification solutions for the online gaming and wagering sector.