Multi Bureau

Two credit bureaus in a single platform

Leverage greenID Multi Bureau and get up to a 10% uplift on your ID match rates*. Optimise your customer journey with the best online identity verification rates in Australia.
Multi Bureau

GBG has brought together two credit bureaus – illion and Experian – to enable multi bureau identity verifications.

* Identity verification rates depend on the rule set, quality of data and type of customer.

In a highly competitive marketplace, it is essential to optimise the customer journey with high match rates to maximise the number of genuine customers that can be onboarded, quickly.

With greenID Multi Bureau, you can verify customers against data from both credit bureaus via a single integration. Each bureau holds unique data, which can help improve your match rates. In fact, recent results have shown greenID Multi Bureau can provide an uplift in verification match rates by up to 10%*.

Benefits of greenID Multi Bureau

Onboard genuine customers the first time, increasing conversion

Reduce manual verifications to save time, effort and costs

Meet AML compliance requirements with ease and efficiency

Verify illion & Experian credit header data via a single integration!

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