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Compliance needn’t be a burden on the customer experience. Experience the power of greenID to make the process seamless, and avoid costly abandonment.

Take the hassle out of verification for your customers, creating a positive experience and instant results

Online gaming is often a spur of the moment decision, with customers wanting real-time registration and access. At the same time, online gaming has always been considered a “high risk” area for money laundering – and a result, the compliance burden on providers is high.

Get results for your customers

Green ID verifies identity credentials using Australia’s largest and most reliable data repositories, via an exclusive partnership with illion. As a result, you can offer faster and more reliable onboarding experiences whilst meeting in-country AML/CTF legislation requirements.

So while your customers don’t see the rigorous identity verification processes behind the scenes, they enjoy secure registration and real-time gaming experiences. There’s a reason why greenID is responsible for 100% of digital identity verifications for the Australian gaming market

Get protection for your business

Our greenID solutions help you mitigate risks and ensure the best possible verification rates are provided for the greatest number of registrations. As a result, your business is protected and your customers are safeguarded against potential fraudulent or illegal activity.

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