Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Automated and error-free ID verification

greenID’s proprietary OCR technology recognises and extracts important data points from your customer’s ID document (name, document number etc.). This is built upon our comprehensive document library, allowing our platform to recognise the format of the document, where the data fields are located, and how the data is formatted. It can then be populated into corresponding form fields to minimise entry errors, speed up the process for customers, and ultimately increase your rate of successful onboarding.

User displays their ID in front of the camera. Data from the ID (Name, address, DoB etc.) is automatically extracted by OCR technology

User is provided the option to edit or add more information in the form

greenID completes the verification process based on the ID and extracted information

Reduce entry form errors and increase customer conversion

Ensures accuracy of extracted data by running the initial result through several layers of checks, including dictionary comparisons

Checks addresses from ID documents against our global address databases

Harnesses unique technology to overcome problems related to old, damaged, mistreated, and contaminated ID documents

Proprietary OCR technology is specifically designed for reading data from documents that may have been purposely designed not to be machine readable