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Business Verification

Onboard business customers quickly and compliantly

Adequately verifying the identity and overarching ownership of organisations you are transacting with and fulfilling reporting requirements to regulators and stakeholders can be a cumbersome process.
Companies often have multiple levels of ownership, a labyrinth of stakeholders and business structures all increasing the number of entities that require verification. This increases the risk of non-compliance, reputational damage and regulatory fines, while causing friction and frustration for all parties involved.
greenID’s Business Verification solution enables your organisation to efficiently onboard business customers by automating checks that aid compliance with KYC, AML/CTF (Australia) and AML/CFT (New Zealand) requirements.

Real time, privacy-compliant business verification

Verify businesses against a wide range of trusted data sources and identify key interested parties.

Supplement data by machine reading from official documents such as trust deeds.

Visualise complex ownership trees for companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traders and associations.

Identify beneficial owners and verify the identities of all individuals involved.

Screen individuals against comprehensive global watchlists.

Generate clear and full verification reports for audit trail.