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Data Intelligence

Verify and enhance data to boost verification rates

One of the most important factors in the identity verification process is the customer’s contact data – physical address, phone numbers and email address. Errors such as inaccurate street numbers, spelling mistakes or formatting issues could all result in low success rates for identity verification.

Our Data Intelligence solution that not only validates contact data by cross checking them against multiple sources, it makes it easier for customers to input their addresses quickly by ‘typing ahead’ – offering completion suggestions after a few characters are entered.

Validating and enhancing contact data at the beginning of the identity verification process can help improve your match rates while reducing fraud risk and costs.

Enable risk-free business flows with data intelligence solutions

Capture and enhance data for more accurate customer onboarding

Address completion as you type and spelling corrections.

Easy setup with simple JavaScripts to bind into screens and portals.

Reliable with 99.95% uptime hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Regular updates form of address data from the following Sources of Truth (SOTs):
– Australia Post’s Postal Address File (PAF)
– PSMA’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) plus