Detect fraud and prevent identity theft in real-time

Fight the growing threat of identity fraud and build digital trust with customers. With GBG Trust: Alert, you can detect fraud and AML risks before they strike.

Stay ahead and alert

In the digital economy, even a few seconds of delay in detecting a fraud attack can lead to significant financial and reputational damage to your business. Detect fraud early with GBG Trust: Alert. Strengthen fraud detection during onboarding using unrivalled proprietary analytics and intelligence derived from millions of cross-industry identity verifications.

See it for yourself – leverage Australia’s most trusted identity solution to detect fraud and AML risks before they impact your business.

Why GBG?

Highly predictive and accurate fraud alerts

Up to 89% accuracy in detecting identity theft, money muling and other fraud events.

Unmatched fraud detection rates

Detects up to 91% of true-positive alerts not picked up by any other detection system.

Fully transparent insights

Every suspicious identity verification is tagged with an explainable rule code.

Benefits & Features

Explainable alerts

Get complete visibility of how the alert decisions are made, so you can make informed decisions to apply a step-up identity process or reject an application altogether.

Precise alerts

Up to 64% of all identity-related crime has been picked up by GBG Trust: Alert.

Configure to your business needs

Choose to activate and deactivate specific rules for full automation or manual review. GBG Trust: Alert can accept, challenge or deny in real-time based on a pre-agreed set of rules.

High data privacy and security

GBG Trust: Alert stores no PII data. All data is securely de-identified using a one-way hashing process and fraud alerts are processed in a separate environment.

Smooth customer onboarding

No additional data from customers is needed for GBG Trust: Alert to assess suspicious activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

GBG Trust: Alert is an early fraud detection solution derived from millions of onboarding events. As the largest electronic identity verification provider in Australia, GBG processes over 30 million checks every year across industries. GBG Trust: Alert combines data from these onboarding checks with machine learning to determine a set of rules that detect fraud in real-time. When GBG Trust: Alert detects a suspicious identity verification, it is tagged with an explainable rule code and risk rating. The business can then choose to step-up the verification or reject the application.

Real-time fraud detection is crucial for client onboarding because it stops bad actors from accessing your products and services. In Australia, identity theft is one of the most common fraudulent activities, in part due to the growing number of major data breaches which have given fraudsters access to personally identifiable information. As a business, you have a responsibility to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your products and services. And the most effective place to stop fraud is at the beginning of your organisation’s relationship with the customer – the onboarding process.

GBG Trust: Alert benefits businesses by protecting them from fraudsters, preventing financial loss, helping build customer trust, and saving operational costs. The Australian financial crime landscape is unique, and GBG Trust: Alert is specifically developed for Australian businesses, using Australian data and expertise. By detecting potential fraud, GBG Trust: Alert stops businesses from onboarding bad actors and giving them access to services and products, such as unsecured loans. The fraud detection solution detects account opening for the purposes of money laundering and stops facilitation of financial crime, such as money mules. GBG Trust: Alert also helps build customer trust by reducing the personal impact of financial crime, like stolen nest eggs. Another benefit of GBG Trust: Alert is lower operational costs. By stopping fraud before onboarding, businesses can reduce back-office investigation, account closing procedures and AUSTRAC reporting.

Money Mules & ID Takeover

With the escalating issue of Identity Takeover and Mule Accounts, how can we effectively address the problem whilst minimising any negative impact on genuine customers?

Find out more about GBG’s solution that adopts a multi-faceted approach encompassing technology, people, and data.