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Identity Verification

Smarter, simpler identity verification

To maximise your business’ chances of onboarding new customers, its important customers aren’t unnecessarily impeded during the sign-up process. greenID is designed to verify an individual’s identity easily, quickly and accurately, to maximize successful customer onboarding rate.
With greenID, you can verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against independent and reliable data sources, online in real time.

Choose the right approach for your customers

Depending on your customers and the data needed for verification, greenID offers a range of options. From online identity verification only through to face-to-face, we work with you to ensure the ruleset best suits your requirements. Your options include:

Simple, secure KYC compliance

Configurable verification rules to balance maximising match rates and maintaining compliance.

Compliant, trusted and configurable platform for KYC data collection and verification.

Global coverage from a wide range of trusted data sources

Continuous data management to maintain reliability, accuracy and coverage.

Configurable by use-case to your required level of assurance.

Proven mature product with 400+ enterprise clients and millions of verifications each year.

Standalone web based portal for self-service plus POS and customer care implementations.