How to mitigate fraud & compliance risks with GBG Alert

Protecting your organisation & customers from scams & identity theft

According to Scamwatch, scam-related losses have doubled year-on-year since 2020, creating a growing problem. Data breaches and scams expose millions of individuals to identity fraud, leaving many Australians deeply concerned.

Like many financial services sectors in this increasingly digitised world, the superannuation industry faces a growing threat from fraud, scams, and identity theft. Superannuation companies in Australia are dealing with an ever-increasing challenge to safeguard their clients’ assets and personal information.

The growing challenge of scams & identity theft!

Superannuation companies have become prime targets for fraudsters and cybercriminals. Without adequate protection, your business and your clients are at risk. To address this critical issue, GBG presents the greenID GBG Alert solution – the ultimate tool to protect your business and clients from vulnerabilities.

What is GBG Alert?

GBG Alert is a comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solution specifically designed for the superannuation industry. With its advanced technology and real-time monitoring, it helps you stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Compliance made easy

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is essential for superannuation companies. GBG Alert streamlines the compliance process, making it simpler and more efficient. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and tedious checks.

Fraud detection and mitigation

GBG Alert identifies suspicious activities, unauthorised access, and fraudulent transactions in real time. It detects and alerts you to any anomalies before they can harm your business or clients.

Onboarding made simple

Streamline the onboarding process with GBG Alert’s identity verification capabilities. Ensure the legitimacy of new clients and protect your business from identity theft.

Real-time monitoring

GBG Alert continuously monitors your operations, keeping you informed about any potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Stay ahead of superannuation frauds

Don’t let scams and identity theft damage your reputation and financial stability. GBG Alert is your ultimate solution to mitigate risks and protect your company.

Speak to our experts to learn more about how GBG Alert can safeguard your business and clients from the ever-growing challenge of fraud, scams & identity theft.