More onboarding,
less defrauding

greenID makes it possible to enjoy the best of both world’s, with a faster onboarding solution that simultaneously makes life easier for genuine customers, and reduces fraud by excluding bad actors.

Offer your customers seamless onboarding with the most comprehensive verification dataset and greenID’s exclusive biometrics features

Every second of the onboarding process counts, so don’t lose out to abandonment rates. Our single platform offers speed, reliability (94% less downtime than our competitor), and leading biometrics features to streamline the process whilst protecting you from fraud.

Keep it simple for customers

When your customers apply for prepaid and post-paid mobile phones, greenID integrates fraud detection tools to enhance the collection and verification of identity information into your onboarding process.

Keep online account registrations secure, with a trusted link to your back-office administration tools.

Keep it safe for the future

Checking telecommunication verification against reliable global sources helps with shared global goals – in addition to identifying your customers, you can also help support law enforcement, emergency services, and national security agency investigations when required.

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