AML Compliance

Manage all your compliance and fraud prevention tasks in a single platform.

Our identity verification, compliance and fraud prevention solutions make compliance easy. Get complete regulatory protection with automated AML compliance solutions that boost team efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Our solutions for AML compliance solve every challenge

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GBG solutions for AML compliance

Identity Data Verification

Verify your customer’s identity against Australia’s largest set of data sources, including the illion segmented credit header, Experian credit header, tenancy, super & payroll, Australian Death Check, and more. With access to the most reliable and comprehensive data in one place, you can stop fraudsters at the front door and stay 100% compliant with your AML and KYC requirements.

Document Verification

Stay alert to critical changes in customers’ risk status by identifying matches against PEP, Sanctions and Adverse Media global watchlists. Check customers against the latest lists to detect anomalies and changes to their associations, so you can stay compliant.Swiftly and securely verify identity documentation at the point of onboarding. Our document verification technologies are designed for optimum compliance without compromising the customer onboarding experience. Smart Capture technology checks whether the identity document is genuine, fake, or tampered with, while FaceMatch and passive liveness detection ensure the person on the document is the same person onboarding. 

Ongoing monitoring

Fight financial fraud and manage AML compliance in a single platform. Our complete solution for AML compliance, sanctions screening and transaction monitoring helps you manage fraud risk throughout the customer lifecycle – from application to onboarding and transacting.

GBG’s patented digital identity technology, eDNA, leverages machine learning and statistical analysis to detect suspicious behaviour with high accuracy so you can meet your compliance obligations, retain trusted customers and remove questionable users swiftly. With the flexibility to build risk-based rules to match your risk appetite, you can adapt to changes in AML compliance obligations or fraud risks, all while creating operational efficiencies.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you onboard more genuine customers and stay compliant with fast and accurate identity verification. Regardless of your business size or industry, you can tap into powerful global verification solutions to keep bad actors out and protect your business.
Find out more about how your business can stay AML compliant with confidence using our identity verification and compliance solutions.