Identity Verification

Verify genuine customers fast and build online customer relationships based on trust. Whether you’re looking to build customer trust, reduce fraud, or meet regulatory compliance requirements, GBG’s end-to-end digital identity verification can solve your challenges.

Our solutions for identity verification solve every challenge

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GBG solutions for Identity Verification

Identity data verification

Verify customers against the industry’s largest set of data sources – all from a single connection. Achieve industry-leading match rates with access to an unrivalled level of data and sophisticated identity verification. Our always-on reliable technology has no scheduled downtime, so you never have to worry about disrupting customer onboarding.

Document verification

Swiftly verify identity documentation at the point of onboarding without harming the customer experience. Our Smart Capture technology automatically captures the best possible document image, then verifies the format and data fields against our comprehensive document library. Within seconds, we can tell you if the identity document being presented is genuine, fake, or tampered with, so you can confidently onboard legitimate customers.

Facial biometrics and liveness check

Defend against fraudsters at the point of onboarding with leading passive liveness detection technology. Using a single selfie image from the customer, our solution quickly determines whether the customer is a real human being, while optimising your onboarding experience. GBG’s facial liveness detection technology is iBeta level 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant with full test score.

Global watchlist screening

Comply with strict local and global regulations using comprehensive PEP and sanction watchlist screening. Tap into more than 350+ data sources of sanctions and watchlists in one place to stay compliant with AML/CTF regulations while limiting your exposure to financial crime. With full configuration, you can choose different lists and risk thresholds to meet your business and compliance needs.

Why choose GBG?

Here at GBG, we help you onboard more genuine customers and stay compliant with fast and accurate identity verification. Regardless of your business size or industry, you can tap into powerful global verification solutions to keep bad actors out and protect your business.
Find out more about how your business can increase conversions and stay compliant using our identity verification solutions.